Future calling!

We are Ellin Line, a technical company based in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. We provide technical services in the fast-growing sectors of optical fibers and telecommunications. The fiber optics networks we build using our exemplary professionalism, accuracy and reliability cover both domestic (FTTH) and business needs (FTTB), while we undertake projects across Europe.

Our scope of activity is highly demanding. It requires knowledge, experience and expertise. Having all this under our belts, we are in a position to provide integrated solutions. We undertake all project stages, from the design, construction, technical installation and preparation of projects, to the setting up of the network and maintenance work.

Optical fibers are what we do, and we do it with great passion and dedication. By combining the required technical skills, the necessary scientific foundation and in-depth know-how with effective communication between many different parties, we are the partner you can rely on to get the job done.

Committed to your needs

Infrastructure projects are now, more than ever, highly complex and demanding. The issues of safety, risk, sustainability and the environment have shaped a new reality, in which it is of utmost importance to deal with each project with a heightened sense of responsibility.

At Ellin Line, we place our respect towards people and the environment at the forefront, which requires fast reflexes and adaptability to change. We open up new paths for human communication and more, by investing in technologies that can improve our daily lives.

Sustainable solutions

We believe in the importance of sustainability and consider it to be the only path towards development. Only by working in a healthy environment that is open to change can we lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

We have a keen sense of awareness of issues such as environmental protection, climate change, air pollution and working conditions. Showing respect towards the needs of the environment and fundamental human rights forms the basis of our business activities.

These principles are at the very core of our philosophy and they accompany us on our path of constant development, creating a setting that will inspire change and personal growth. By contributing to the constant progress of technology through innovation, we are currently laying the foundation for a better future for all.

Our dream team

At Ellin Line, we believe there is strength in numbers. If it wasn’t for our great team, in which the personal contribution of each and every professional counts, we would not have made it this far. We undertake demanding and large-scale fiber optic and gas works, which require teamwork and commitment so that we can deliver was is expected of us.

By successfully bringing together the right team of professionals, which is made up of scientists and technicians, we can guarantee optimal results in every project. We are all different people with a common vision, working together with passion and true dedication. By taking the demanding yet rewarding and effective path of teamwork, we are able to complete every mission quickly, efficiently and on time.