Optical means optimum
Why choose optical fibers
Nowadays, everybody is talking about high internet speeds. This constitutes the basis of a constantly expanding field of activity, covering practically the entire spectrum of social and business life. Whether we are talking about the most recent globally-rising trend of remote working, daily communication needs or home recreation, we can all agree that a reliable internet connection is key. Digital transformation is here and continuing in full force on the basis of broadband networks.

Conventional copper cables are unable to adequately cover the ever-increasing needs of the contemporary digital world. Optical fibers are now in the forefront as the only solution to contemporary issues. Constituting the fastest communication technology, they transmit digital data in the form of light. Despite their small diameter, smaller than that of a human hair, they have a huge effect on daily practices, allowing for the exchange of a much larger volume of data in far less time. For all these reasons, optical fibers are considered to be the technology of the future, which is taking shape here and now.

True benefits

There are many factors that make optical fibers irreplaceable, as they drastically change the way in which we communicate, work and entertain ourselves!

The high speeds guaranteed by optical fibers are a requirement for the success of many business sectors, from today’s highly popular Electronic Commerce sector, to the sectors of Tourism, Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Industry, which – thanks to optical fibers – can more easily and effectively incorporate new technologies into their operations in order to achieve smooth and further growth in new directions.

Fiber optic networks also form the basis for the development of new technologies, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, to Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing, while they have also played a great role in improving the effectiveness of many medical applications.

Taking all the above into consideration, it becomes clear that optical fibers represent a technology that can improve our quality of life and facilitate many of our daily practices.

At a glance
Ellin Line deep industry expertise enables global brands to hit the ground running.
Land surveying
Network Design
Interior installations
Communication and planning

Land surveying

Ellin Line surveyors ensuring maximum surveying accuracy in minimal time thanks to the state-of-the-art GPS equipment they have at their disposal. We carry out the land survey and deliver the final dossier in both hardcopy and electronic format, making sure to include all the necessary information that will allow even a general technician to detect the network on the spot.

Network Design – Preparation of Designs

Contemporary communication networks are extremely complex. They require consistency, planning and accurate design. Network routes with their various transmission technologies and broad range of components must be carefully analyzed, calculated and simulated before being sent for construction.

Thanks to our team of design engineers who are experienced in the preparation of designs based on P2P, GPON and COCON systems, we guarantee detailed network design and network management, focusing both on the current and future state of the network.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Consulting services for network management
  • Consulting services for planning, budgeting and forecasts
  • Optimal routing for the required configuration
  • Preparation of capacity and use statistics, and compilation of connection lists


Our company’s fully-equipped and experienced fiber optics excavation crews undertake to expand your network safely, directly and economically.

We apply the most contemporary excavation methods and techniques to dig up narrow trenches of minimal width, thus ensuring the best possible result in each project.


We have privately-owned trucks, which are specially designed to splice joints and distributors. This means that even in adverse weather conditions, Ellin Line guarantees that your project will be completed in the least possible time without delays. Additionally, our ability to have parallel crews working on the project allows us to undertake large-scale projects with complex requirements, while also abiding by the agreed timeframes.

Interior installations

This is not a scenario from the distant future. It is the new reality to which we are called on to adapt today. Fiber to the home is here to stay. It is anticipated that in the near future, all homes will be directly connected via optical fibers to the existing network infrastructures that have been installed under the streets.

We have studied the needs of each space separately, offering personalized solutions and overcoming the challenges and difficulties related to common-use and private spaces.

Communication and planning

The installation of optical fibers is no easy task. It is a complex and demanding procedure, which becomes even more complicated due to the involvement of many different bodies: from the principal and its customers, to municipalities, licensing authorities, suppliers, subcontractors and others.

The ability to properly plan, effectively manage all interested parties and coordinate their communication at every stage of the project forms the very basis of its successful completion. This, inter alia, is the role we are called on to play at Ellin Line. This is a demanding task, but one that we are more than capable of fulfilling.

We lead and coordinate the entire process, taking steps to keep all interested parties updated on the progress of the project through clear and precise procedures. Regardless of the circumstances, our goal is to faithfully adhere to our timetables and deliver at the agreed times.

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We are your absolute partner when it comes to integrated or personalized solutions in the installation of fiber optic networks. With our broad and well-qualified working team including engineers, technicians, skilled workers and a fleet of privately-owned equipment, we implement all infrastructure projects reliably, while faithfully adhering to deadlines and ensuring that we provide technically excellent results.

A reliable cost estimate during the project design phase

Submission of the relevant licensing applications to the urban planning department and municipal authorities

A flexible installation size

Careful design of the installation area and worksite

Constant supervision by experienced project managers and foremen

A secure return on your investment through the use of state-of-the-art technology and the most qualitative materials